Halkbank throwing down the gauntlet

17-01-2018 09:50:00

Third round matches in group stage of CEV Men’s Champions League will be played during this week. Battling for playoffs in Group B in the arena of giants, Halkbank will play against Ford Store Levoranta SASTAMALA of Finland in the third match tomorrow (17 January, Wednesday) in Ankara. The match taking place at Başkent Volleyball Hall will start at 5:30 p.m. The referees of the match are Maciej Twardowskl from the Polish Volleyball Federation and Sinisa Isajlovic from the Austrian Volleyball Federation. 

The metropolitans rank second with 3 points as a result of one loss and one win in two matches played in Group B. Sastamala, the opponent, ranks third with 1 point. 

Mustafa and Hakkı seek a win 

Mustafa Ramazanoğlu and Hakkı Çapkınoğlu, two national players of blue-white colored team, told that they intended to send their opponents away from Ankara empty-handed Mustafa Ramazanoğlu, a well-experienced setter, said: 

“First, we plan to finish the group as the leading team and then be qualified for playoff 12 and finally for final four. Sastamala seems to be one of the hindrances to this pathway. We want to take our first step by beating Sastamala in Ankara. I and my teammates have the power to clear this hurdle.” indicating that they had critical goals for the Champions League. 

Hakkı Çapkınoğlu, one of the centers in the team, remarked that they would play against a good component. Çapkınoğlu said: “The Finnish cult has a warrior nature. We respect Sastamala. But we are assertive about sending them away from here empty-handed. Our increasing performance, respect towards our objectives and team spirit are satisfactory parameters for our achievement. We will grow together with our fans.”